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Voice and Studio is a site you can trust today and for years to come. As such, we are very serious about your privacy and security. Voice and Studio does not sell, rent, lease, give, share, swap or otherwise divulge any of your information to anyone. Having said that, please be aware that information that you post in youor profile, feed, blogs, forum postings, pages and other places on the site are visible to others. You can change your profile privacy settings at any time by clicking on the account link at the top of the page. By default, everyone's profile is PUBLIC. We do this because we are a peer to peer network of professionals. The information we ask for when creating your profile is to help market your services and to help you appear in the search engines to potential clientele. NEVER put anything into your profile or on the site that you do not want visible to anyone on the Internet. You can change your privacy settings in your profile at any time, and as often as you wish. Be aware, however, that any postings you make in the public discussion forums cannot be made private. Post with caution.

The information you share in your profile or in public areas of Voice and Studio is ENTIRELY your responsibility. We can not edit your profile details. It is ultimately your decision to decide what information you share and what information you keep private. While we will never intentionally change sitewide privacy settings, it is possible, although unlikely that these settings may change when we do site updates. This is completely outside of our control. Should this ever happen, we will restore the settings as soon as we learn about it.

Your safety is PARAMOUNT! We recommend that you do not post any information that would allow people to find you, your family or other individuals. you should never post your personal address, telephone number or other information that could cause a safety breach to you, your home/property and family. You should never post any information that you do not want others to be able to see. It is also advisable that you not arrange to meet people that you do not know in person unless you know who you are dealing with. In short, exercise caution and common sense.

If you have any privacy/safety concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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