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Voice And Studio - The fastest growing media professionals' network in the world.

What IS Voice and Studio? In a nutshell, Voice and Studio is fun, contests, networking and marketing.

Voice and Studio is a network of voice over, production and broadcast professionals. Social networking has become a part of our daily lives, so Voice And Studio has created a niche social networking site for the media professionals of the world. We have participation-based contests for our members to increase and encourage membership and site participation. All you do is the same thing you are already doing. Use the site! As a member, you will be able to upload audio, video, images and will be able to create your own blogs, pages and groups. New features and functions will be implimented from time to time.

The purpose of this site is to give you a platform to promote yourself and network with others. We have resident search engine bots that are constantly reading the pages of this site. Any reference you make to your own website or business will increase your site's rankings via a trackback system. Search engines like to see sites linked to other relevant sites. It gives both sites strength in the search rankings. It's basically free search engine optimization for both of us. In a sea of people who provide the same services, any effort you can make to promote yourself opens the doors of opportunity to increase your business, and since Voice and Studio is free to use, that makes it even better!

To be a member at Voice and Studio, you should be a voice over talent, studio producer, broadcaster, actor, singer or musician or have an interest in the field. Upon registration or log in with your facebook id, you will have a "wall" of your own to post on as you wish. Your updates do not have to be industry related. you can post anything you like on your feed. As a member, you will be able to write blogs on the site. Blogs must be industry related. You can upload images of anything you like. Use your judgment to decide whether or not your image(s) are appropriate for the other members on the site. You may upload audio clips as well. These should be your demos or be of interest to others on the site. As a member, you can also create a page to showcase and promote your business, as well as creating groups to network with a smaller group pf people. You are free to use the site as you wish, but remember that the things you post on here by default can be seen by others whether they are members here or not. you can adjust privacy settings in your profile settings at any time. Be careful what you post in public as Voice and Studio is not responsible for any damages you may sustain as the result of your activity on the site.

"When I click to log in through facebook, I get a pop up box asking for permission for Voice and Studio to post to my Facebook as me. What does that mean?" Voice and Studio cannot make postings to your facebook page. The only time this site will appear on your facebook page is when you "share" or "like" something on this site. There are no other times when our site will (or can) post as you.

"Does Voice and Studio have access to my facebook login, password or other facebook information?" No. We dont have any access to your facebook information. When you click the button to log in through facebook, the box that pops up is a facebook message from their site. We are tied into facebook's log in system via an app on their site. When you log in via facebook, they send a "token" to our site and log you in automatically as long as you are logged in on facebook. If you log out in either place, you will be logged out on the other site as well. None of your information is ever transferred between Voice and Studio and facebook.

"What does Voice and Studio do with the information I put into my account and profile?" Absolutely nothing. Any information you put into your profile can be viewed by others unless you change your privacy settings. We do not collect, share, loan, rent, sell or share your information under any circumstances other than by a direct court order.

If you have any concerns about privacy and security, please shoot us an email: Thanks for joining us, and welcome to Voice and Studio!

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